OneNote mobile for Android now available

OneNote and Office 2010 enthusiats: OneMote for Android is free for download from the Marketplace. Share notebooks from your PC through skydrive – backed up as well – and access them through your Android device. get prodcutivity on the go!


Attachments Suck…

Check this out – one of the biggest time wasters and frustrations (for other users) in our daily office lives…

Certiport Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 Sharepoint Exam Released

Non-Linear Presentations – Or how to jump and skip through various parts of a presentation. Break out of the mould!

Try PPTFlex to enable linking between sections in your PowerPoint presentation. Jump logical sections! Free Add-in.

Class 95 Radio URL

Been travelling overseas quite often and need to update and tune in… for those with internet radio players here is the URL.

SGOG Oct Session Slides

Those who requested the slides – Access 2010 by Tan Tian-an 

Relocating Your My Documents folder

The "My Documents" folder started in Windows XP as a central location to store user documents and settings. Do you get frustrated with the long path ("C:\documents and settings\username\My documents") and basically giving you a harder time doing your manual backup? Some organizations also configure user folders to reside on a network drive for backup purposes as well.
Relocate your My Documents folder to another drive/location to speed up direction typing and backup. Here’s how:

Right click on your My Documents folder (Documents in Vista and Win 7), select Properties and Location. specify the new location and click Move. 

For Windows 7 users, navigate with Windows Explorer to C: drive > Users and right click on Documents to initiate this process. The documents shortcut from your Start menu loads Libraries by default and the relocation process cannot begin from this shortcut.